It’s Elemental!

The Periodic Table of the Elements

I recently found a grownup site for Creationists, called Creation Conversations (You grownups out there might enjoy it).   I found their page of FREE RESOURCES .  Most of it is for grownups, but there was one chapter covering energy, and I thought this page on WATER was well done.  The table of elements was one area of science that I never much liked (reminded me too much of the multiplication tables), but this book sounds like it would be interesting enough that I might enjoy studying it now!

Every area of nature shows God’s wisdom, power and care for us.  He is the God of the tiny as much as He is of the Enormous.

No, I’m not getting paid for this, but my goal is to reach enough people so that they’ll let me try out their books for free if I tell you all what I think. 😀  I think the available resources change every month, so the water link might not work tomorrow, but there will be something else cool instead.

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Matthew 10:30


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