Akron Fossils and Science Center

, a science fair experiment.I first heard about this site about a month ago on Creation Today, but I forgot to check them out.  The Akron Fossil and Science Center is just south of Cleveland, Ohio and it is hopping with things to do.  I ran into them again today because their having a big Science Fair in May.  There are categories for everyone from Kindergarten to adult.  They will even have family groups working together and there is one prize for a home schooling high school senior.

There is always something going on, so check out their Calendar of Events page.  If you live close enough, they have a kids’ Summer Camp program in July.  I wish I could go see Niagara Falls with them.  It would be really nice to visit with a group that believes that God worked quickly with a lot of water rather than the usual story that Charles Lyell came up with that required far longer.

Megalodon tooth of Mecsek, Pécs (Danitz-puszta...

Megalodon tooth

Their gift shop looks like it could come in handy for Father’s Day.  I bet Dad would rather have a Megalodon Tooth Replica than another tie! Maybe…

I’ve already added them to the Museums Link list on the left so you can find their site anytime you like!


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