Free Resources for April

The Woolly Mammoth at the Royal BC Museum, Vic...

The Woolly Mammoth at the Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British Columbia.

Last month I didn’t find the Free Resources page at Creation Conversations until the very last day of the month!!  This month I’m a little earlier checking it out to let you know about what’s going on.

The free online book of the month is about Mammoths and other enigmas of the Ice Age.  I haven’t had time to check it out, but the things I’ve studied in the past tell me this stuff is fascinating.

They also have samples of several books for families and kids including:

The Creation Story for Children with a couple of beautiful pictures to check out.

The first chapter of The Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky  on PDF.  This is a brand new book by  Dr. Jason Lyle, the most outstanding Creationist Astronomer and Logician I know of.

Sample pages of True North: Yellowstone & Grand Tetons a Creationist’s guide-book to these parks.

And a few tantalizing (that means you slobber for more) pages of Dinosaurs By Design written by Dr. Duane Gish.

Be sure to check these things out before the end of the month when they will be replaced with more new samples!!!


8 thoughts on “Free Resources for April

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  3. arkenaten

    Would you be able to offer an opinion on the flood, please. What should one tell children if they ask how did tropical fish survive? Cichlids would be a good example.
    Any thoughts?

      1. arkenaten

        The actual question I asked was about Tropical fish and cichlids in particular, with specif reference to these fishes uniques needs, re: water temperature and locale. The answers in the link you have provided tend to be general referrences to fish with the occasional mention of fresh water fish, which doesn;t help much. Any other suggestions?

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