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Cover of "Grand Canyon: A Different View&...

Cover of Grand Canyon: A Different View by Tom Vail

Links, experiments to try, Hubbard glacier, fish adaptation.I’m finally getting to listen to podcasts of the last two episodes of the Creation Today show’s first season, and they mentioned Russ Miller’s website: Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries .  I haven’t finished looking around the site yet, but there are some very interesting things there.  They are based out of Arizona, so a lot of the ministry’s focus is on the Grand Canyon.  Russ Miller is a friend of Tom Vail who does Grand Canyon tours.  Actually, their page of tour listings is interesting with some hosted by churches, some of their own and a number of trips with Tom Vail (sorry about the music on that page).

One of the things that I like best about the Creationist movement is our awareness of being on the same team.  I know that there are disagreements between individuals, even the ‘great ones,’ but we all are careful to present a united front.  Knowing that the Evolutionists are just waiting to pounce on us and revel in a verbal blood-bath if we began to argue is very good for our character!!!  Now if the rest of the Christian world would realize the battle is just as real for all of  us, wouldn’t it be nice?

I just found an active thread (you can explain to your parents what a forum thread is if they don’t know) over at Creation Conversations with Dr. Jason Lisle right now. Dr. Lisle looks like he’s barely out of school, but he has one of the brightest, logical minds I know of who’s still alive.  I’m so excited to get to ask him my questions, so when he has a chance to answer I’ll post about it.  He mentioned His New Blog he’s started.  So far, the only he’s written about is God’s law in the Bible, but it could get interesting (not that the Bible isn’t interesting!!!) with more science.   He’s just moved from Answers in Genesis over to Institute for Creation Research to be their director of research.  It will be exciting to see how God uses him in the upcoming years.

I’ve also got some things to add on to my freshwater fish in the Flood posts.

Fireboat spraying colored water Arrival of the...

My dad recommended some saltwater density experiments for you to try out.  I’m such a brain-based person that this idea would have never occurred to me.  In our house, if Daddy doesn’t do the science experiments, they don’t get done, since I just talk about them!!!  So here are some links to check out, read up on, or try out, as the case may be. 🙂

Home Science Tools Saltwater Density .  This one looks like it needs some special equipment, but it is very detailed, and certainly worth reading.

Here’s a Very Doable Experiment

This Experiment is Way Cool with oil added into the mix

I was almost done looking when I saw this Home School Science Press one.  Just what we’re looking for with temperature and salt as factors.  I’ll have to check out their blog too!

Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier

Another thing my dad told me about was something that happened while we lived in Alaska in 1986.  The Hubbard Glacier flowed forward blocking a piece of ocean inlet and trapping seals and dolphins.  The new ice-dam lake kept filling up with freshwater from the rivers and glaciers around until it was over 80ft above sea level and much less salty, at least on top.  Many of the seals were rescued or escaped over the rocks in the way, but the dolphins were trapped in there from May until October.  They were apparently all still alive when the dam breached, even surviving the huge outflow that drained the lake.  My dad says at the time they were worried about the seals getting too tired having to swim in the less buoyant freshwater on top of the lake.  I couldn’t find any articles saying this.  None of them gave any reason why they were sure the seals and dolphins would be hurt by less salty water, just the assumption that freshwater must be bad for them.  This article written at the time by the Chicago Tribune is the most detailed I could find.  You can see from the title how quickly popular science can change its mind.  Lest than 30 years ago they thought a new Ice Age was starting!

I ran into an article about how sticklebacks can switch from saltwater to freshwater (and back) by using adaptations already programmed in their DNA.  Creationists have no problem with creatures changing, just we know that God had already written these possibilities into them.  There has never been a proven case of new genetic material coming into being that helps an animal or plant survive or make something new.  “Controlling gene expression” is just what we expect to see from a Creator who knew how difficult the world would end up being someday.

Have a great weekend and Lord’s Day!!!


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