A Letter from Eric Hovind

(I got this e-mail tonight and wanted to pass it on to all of you.  Really makes you think!)

Official seal of Orlando

Proof of God Conference October 12,13 (they sure picked a nice location!)

From Eric Hovind of Creation Today:We are very concerned by the fact that most Christians can not defend their faith in God.

I was speaking at a church recently when I asked the audience, “If you were born in India would you be a Hindu right now?” Most nodded their head and said yes, they thought they would be. Then one gentleman responded, “But we would only be Hindu out of ignorance.” To which I asked, “How do you know you’re not a Christian out of ignorance?” They didn’t have an answer.

When I ask church members around the country, “Why are you a Christian?” approximately 95% are unable to do what God commands us to do and, “give an answer for the REASON of the hope that is in us.” That is exactly the reason we are holding the Proof of God Conference in Orlando, Florida this October!

I would like to personally invite you to join myself and several other dynamic and engaging speakers as we teach people how to defend the God of the Bible.

The message is needed, the speakers are booked, the date is set, now we need you to respond. Go to proofconference.com and register today!

For God’s Glory,

Eric Hovind

President, Creation Today


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