New Links (mostly about Sea Creatures) I’ve put up

Eglwys Beuno Sant - St Beuno's Church Pistyll ...

Eglwys Beuno Sant – St Beuno’s Church Pistyll The painted board over the altar reads “Clodforwch yr Arglwydd canys da yw” “Praise the Lord for he is good” (I just thought this church is beautiful!)

I didn’t wait for Saturday to post some new links, but I hadn’t told you all about them until now.  The Setzers with Creation Family Ministries have put up a new page that goes along with their VBS theme this year.  The front page of Secrets of the Sea is very beautiful and they have a few interesting pages. Be sure to catch the jelly fish and check out the “Creature Feature” page. A couple of the pages are still under construction, so you’ll want to check back soon.


Next there’s Ian Juby’s YouTube video link.  For some reason that he explained on one of his interview with Creation Today, he picked the crazy name “Wazooloo” for his tag (I think it had to do with finding one that wasn’t taken already).   It looks like he has four pages of videos, so that should keep you busy for some time!

Over at Protect the Word, Jacob Howard has finished his series on Bacteria and has just started talking about water dragons, aka pliosaurs and plesiosaurs, I know I won’t want to miss it!

Praise ye the LORD. I will praise the LORD with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation. The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. Psalm 111:1,2


4 thoughts on “New Links (mostly about Sea Creatures) I’ve put up

    1. creationscience4kids Post author

      I’ve been very excited to see how God brings things across my path. It’s one of the best things about running this blog. Meeting all of you would be the only thing better!

      1. creationscience4kids Post author

        I’m so glad! It’s funny writing online for kids, I know most of my audience is actually adults, but I really like to know when young people are reading too. 🙂

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