Creation Sunday, 2014

On Sunday I was in a meeting with some other Creationists. Can you guess what kinds of issues frontline people are facing? Most of us know better than to let straight out temptation pull our lives down in the mud, but there’s something far more subtle up the Enemy’s sleeve.


Battles, even word battles are exhausting. Times when it feels like no one is listening and even once friendly people are turning against you hurt.

One of the key places we feel this is when pastors wouldn’t touch origins issues with a 10 foot pole. It’s becoming less and less popular to take Jesus at His Word. Instead, many of the biggest names in Christianity are making it seem much more reasonable and even healthy to find some way to fit the world’s ideas about the past into the Bible. It seems far easier to focus on “practical” issues people face every day instead of side issues like origins.

But God doesn’t change. In 150 years everyone alive now is going to be wishing they had been more sold out to the truth than they were.

We have a chance to help our pastor stand firm on the unchanging truth of the Bible.

I was delighted to see Answers Magazine has made their article on this topic available to everyone for FREE already. Please take the time to read it, both to encourage your heart and help you check your attitude before interacting with these men of God.

Of course, the article lists a number of resources put out by Answers in Genesis. I’d add in Creation Ministries International and certainly the Institute for Creation Research as more starters.

From everything I’ve seen online, those of us who take Jesus at His Word far outnumber those who want compromise. But we tend to be quiet, busy people with real things to do. Let’s politely encourage our pastors to find out the truth.

This would be a great time to pull your adorable, smart, well educated kids into the mix, too! 😀

Perhaps your pastor can join those willing to speak out on God as Creator next month. Click to find out more…



4 thoughts on “Creation Sunday, 2014

    1. Cheri Fields Post author

      I have noticed the God-deniers are having a hard time keeping it secret that they understand how devastating evolution is to Christianity. Sadly, it isn’t surprising many pastors don’t see it: the Enemy has a vested interest in keeping them blind.

    1. Cheri Fields Post author

      It’s a grassroots kind of thing. No big budget group behind it. The idea is to have something positive at the same time of year people are speaking out for Naturalism, or at best God-as-watch-winder.


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