Hi, I’m Cheri Fields: 2nd generation homeschooling mom of six, pastor’s wife, writer, and science lover.

When my fourth child was a baby, I asked God to help me earn enough money to take my husband to visit Israel with me. But, what in the world could I do while caring for a young family? God reminded me of past dreams of writing. I also love teaching and being around kids. Within a little while, He had provided funds to take a children’s authors writing course.

Turned out I stink at fiction writing, but I aced writing my science assignment. Science was always my favorite subject growing up. Writing about it was even more fun. I could do this!

But who to write for? There are only a few science magazines for kids and it’s not easy to get into them as a beginner. Plus, it just didn’t seem right to tell people about all the amazing things God’s made without talking about Him, too. It looked like blogging was the way to go, and creation science for kids was what I wanted to focus on.

When I saw no one had snapped up the name “creationscience4kids” or anything like it, I knew this was God’s leading. But, now I was worried about the flak I would take speaking out for our Creator God. Over the next few weeks, God helped me turn my fear over to Him and see how badly a ministry like this is needed.

Turns out, most creation science materials are written by scientists, which is wonderful, except…. It’s hard for them to remember the everyday words most adults use, let alone the kinds of words kids know. Most of the books they put out make your eyes cross or put you to sleep just trying to wrap your mind around what they’re saying.

But the ideas they share aren’t that hard to understand, you just need easier words and bite sized pieces to keep from getting overwhelmed. There was not only room for a non-technical lady in the mix, there was a huge gap waiting to be filled!

CS4K opened shop in March, 2012

This is a site celebrating the amazing world God made

  • It is for all of us who love to learn new things about science without a bunch of big words
  • It is for encouraging parents that they can train up their kids in science without having to get a science degree
  • It is to help us understand the differences between evolutionary thinking and young earth creationist thinking
  • It is to help us learn to think like God thinks.

I believe God spoke everything into existence in six 24 hour days as stated in Genesis 1 and that the world “which then was” perished in the global flood of Noah’s day as II Peter 3:6 says.

I’d love to hear from you: what you think about what I’ve already posted and what you would like to read about in the future. We will never get to the end of all that God has done- Psalms 119:96!!!

Since we are here to encourage children and the young in heart to love God more, there will be a zero tolerance policy in the comments on meanness of any kind, including speech that is not God honoring, or which justifies denying God’s role in creation.

Before I begin researching anything about the natural world and the people in it, there is one thing I am quite sure of:

When the facts are accurately understood and presented they will agree with what God has told us.

It is possible to know truth and it will support what God has always told us because He is real and He is God!

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, Ecclesiastes 12:1

42 thoughts on “About

  1. Pieter

    God says that He is Spirit, that He fills “heaven and earth” and that He ‘encamps around us.” Also that nothing is greater than He. He further says that He keeps the heavenly bodies in position. From the burning bush and the woman who touched His robe, we see the aspect of energy in Him.

    Nicola Tesla discovered the immense energy field that keeps the heavenly bodies in place. Did he, perhaps, though science, discover God (or an element of Him) in such a way that His existence can be proven to atheists through science? Someone who has the very same idea, is Prof Norberto Keppe, inventor of the Keppe Scalar Motor.

    I am no scientist and only had a C for it in Grade 12. I did,however, saw the similarity between atomic structures and planets, moons, etc. At age 15, I therefore deducted my own little “theory of eternity” that always went infinitely smaller and larger. I pictured earth as a tiny molecule in a match head and that He, when coming to destroy earth by fire, just struck a match…………. 🙂 😀

    1. Cheri-CreationScience4Kids Post author

      Everything in the universe points us to God if we are willing to see Him. Nothing is so obvious it forces someone who doesn’t want to see to acknowledge their Creator. The time when every knee will bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord comes after it’s too late to choose sides.
      God has designed the world to require faith. When there is no more room for faith, there is no more room to repent.

  2. BigSkyKen

    Hi Cheri,

    I just enter to thank you for your visits and shares from His Creation. I am always pleased when others share His Word and acknowledge Him as the master creator. I love the mission of your blog, and you are performing it splendidly! Keep up the good work.

    It is well,

    1. Cheri-CreationScience4Kids Post author

      Thank you for the encouragement. Over on facebook, I try to have at least one great animal/nature photo a day to post. Some days it’s almost impossible to find one that’s not photoshopped. Yours was delightful.

  3. Ted Torreson

    Awesome site! I love what you’re doing here. Creation Science is actually one of the things that pulled me out of Agnosticism and back to Christ and led me into ministry. God’s blessings on your blogging.

    Also, Thanks for liking my post.

  4. erickr

    Great page. Great new statements. Great stand for truth. May God anoint and bless you as you work on this blog. Thanks for what you do. —Erick

  5. Melody's Perspective

    Thanks for stopping by by blog! Really love yours and will follow. Especially nice since I have an 8 year old son and it will be a good reference for creation science questions!

    1. Cheri-CreationScience4Kids Post author

      Welcome! My oldest is eight, too. Some of what I write is still over her head, but not much (they’ll grow into it soon enough). I pray that your son will learn to love his Creator even more as he learns about His world. 🙂

  6. Lyn Leahz

    Be sure and check out http://promisebook.wordpress.com as well! Thanks for checking out my Lyn Leahz site! I love your site as well! I see you have a calling to witness to people who don’t believe in God..what a mighty calling! You must have God’s anointing upon you strong for such a special task! Bless you in Christ!

    1. Cheri-CreationScience4Kids Post author

      Oh, my, I wouldn’t put it that strongly. Actually, I’m terrified most of the time when witnessing. My main gifting is training up those who are already in the Kingdom to be strong and GROW. Thanks, we all need blessings. 🙂
      I’ll have a look at your link when I have a minute.


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