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Review: ICR’s New Creation Video Series

Homeschooling? Part of a church? Know some young people? You won’t want to miss this!

icr-home2A few weeks ago I saw ICR’s invitation to preview a brand new series explaining creation for everyday people. I expected a nice, high quality video page (to see what I mean, check out That’s a Fact). They do indeed have one on the new site, but it was just the beginning.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

is the title of the series. It’s designed to present to groups over 12 half hour (or less) sessions. Here’s the heart of what ICR is seeking:

Click to read more at your Origins Matter

“…to reach beyond our faithful constituency to the millions in evangelical churches who are unaware of the full extent of information revealed in the early chapters of Genesis. One of our goals is to guide the millennials to God’s Word and equip them with truth.”

You’ll enjoy reading the rest of the article, especially the behind the scenes photos along side.

Things really get exciting when you find out how they’re getting the word out. If you are a homeschooler or pastor, they’ll send you the first episode free. I signed up to check things out, plugged in my address, and a few days later a package with the DVD showed up in the mail.

Right after lunch today I sat down with my kids to see what the show was like. The whole thing took just under 22 minutes. Here are our thoughts:

5 year old, “It was silly.”

I spotted at least four points that made us laugh.

7 year old, “That was so cool!”ICR-DNA

The footage and graphics are not just professional, they are stunning. I particularly enjoyed the fastforward overview of Creation Week.

8 year old, “I loved what he had to say about it. Especially how he showed the missing links in the hay.”

The host was great: warm, positive, with a great sense of timing.

10 year old, “I like the car. The car was so funny. I love all the creation pictures.”Junkyard

My favorite bit was at the junkyard, too, but I’ll leave that and the “missing links” for you to discover yourself.  🙂

ICR has set up a website just for this series. The 12 part set will be available for purchase in May, 2014. You can go straight there to find out more, but….

It would be great if you’d comment below so I can add you to my referral list. As soon as I have three names/email addresses to send in I qualify for a 50% discount to purchase the whole series for myself. You’ll get notified nearly as fast anyway! Technically, you’re supposed to be homeschooling, too, but I don’t think ICR will mind if you’re a pastor since they have a whole section for them. 😀

Now present yourselves, that I may plead with you before the Lord concerning all the righteous acts of the Lord which He did for you and for your fathers. I Samuel 12:7
Amplified Bible

PS, I’m saving ICR a little money by passing on my DVD to my pastor. I have the feeling it’ll be just what he’s looking for.


Links: Learning Creation is Important for Kids

I’ve had my hands full recently and just can’t squeeze in a post needing a lot of research, but I have been keeping up with the creation materials flowing into my inbox and facebook newsfeed. It was exciting to see a couple of them focusing on the next generation; so exciting I decided to collect all the examples I could find into one place for all of us.


Creation Moments has been producing radio segments for 50 years now. March 24, 2014, they shared a testimony of a young man who found great assurance in the Bible by learning creation science. Then they had this to say about too many Christian young people:

“They grew up learning about creation and Adam and Eve in Sunday school. As they were exposed to evolution, they desperately wanted the Bible to offer an intelligent alternative to evolution. But no one could ever offer it to them.”

Today, there’s no reason for such a tragedy to still happen!

The Creation Today Show with Eric Hovind has redesigned its format and is now including an experiment segment! It’s buried in the middle, but the rest is well worth watching. The first episode like this is up online and uses a thin garbage bag and hot air to show us something about air and… the Holy Spirit.

Keep it up, Eric! 😀

In case you hadn’t visited them in a while, Answers in Genesis has claimed this as their theme this year:

Standing our Ground, Rescuing our Kids

What’s more, they’re putting their money where their heart is by offering free admission for kids to the Creation Museum through the end of 2014!

Recently, I read the testimony of Dr. Rob Carter, who found Jesus as a child, but felt his faith slipping away until running into creation materials in college. 

I also heard what happened to Albert Einstein when he was left to read secular science books for himself:

“. . . I came—though the child of entirely irreligious (Jewish) parents—to a deep religiousness, which, however, reached an abrupt end at the age of twelve. Through the reading of popular scientific books I soon reached the conviction that much in the stories of the Bible could not be true.” Einstein, Albert (1979). Autobiographical Notes

It’s enough to break your heart knowing the difference it could have made if he’d heard the truth about science!

Checking around on Creation Ministries International’s website, I ran into an article written so long ago I wished my parents had happened to read it. Of course, being based in Biblical thinking it’s just as useful for us today:

Your children and evolution
Hints for Christian Parents

Most of us are well aware of the need to reach our young people before the world gets its hands on them. The difficult thing is presenting engaging materials worded for people who haven’t gotten to Collegate Dictionary level yet. Praise God, He’s called a number of us to provide these resources!


Parents, It’s Time to Teach Our Kids Evolution!

Confession: I haven’t used any creationist science materials in my kids’ science classes. We use Usborne, DK, and other secular humanistic books.

Why? Because we have nothing to fear from evolutionary thinking if and when it is exposed for the limited mindset it really is.

I’ve also experienced the consequences of waiting for the world to introduce our young people in its own time and way.

My siblings and I grew up using some of the few Christian homeschooling materials available at the time. The only exposure we had to evolution was a brief introduction to the discarded idea of inherited traits eventually producing completely new organisms. Other than that, we were only taught observational science and a little Flood geology.

20 Dollars art3The popular idea at the time was that people were trained to recognize counterfeit money by handling real currency so much they would recognize fakes instantly and reject them. Therefore, we should do the same for our kids.

But it doesn’t work.

Far too often, the first time a young person from such an environment hears the Enemy’s carefully packaged lies, they fall for them hook, line, and sinker. It happened to some of my siblings. It can just as easily happen to our kids.

This is also a classic definition of indoctrination.

Here’s the analogy I prefer to use:

English: Various cells that participate in imm...

Various cells that participate in immune functions.

Training up children is a lot like developing the immune system. You want your kids to run into dangerous ideas as soon as they can safely handle them. You just carefully control the way they are introduced.

I don’t just hand those Evolutionary science books to my 8 year olds. I sit down with them and read them together.

Then we study what God (the only eye witness) said He did in Genesis and other places. He told us how He spoke, used logic (John 1:1), stretched the universe out, and created living things “after their kinds“.

We also look at how God rested after the Six Days of Creation. God isn’t doing the same kind of creative work in the world today. Instead, He uses natural laws. Scientists can study what goes on today because of these rules. We can rely on an experiment to work today like it did last year (all things being equal).

But we can’t take what we see today and assume it was like that from the beginning of time.

Then we look at The Big Picture:

We learn the reasons people refuse to consider anything outside of nature being real. We learn how it was Bible rejecting (not necessarily atheistic) scientists who started the West on the path to denying God’s role as Creator.

We look at what the world would actually be like if the Evolutionary Secular Humanism was right. Why are we here? Where are we going? What’s the point of living? (For more, sign up for my emails on the right to get the PDF talking about these issues).

We study what the Scripture says about itself and talk about what would happen to Jesus and the Bible with Genesis explained away.

Am I afraid for my kids? No. Do I pray God will guard their hearts and minds? Oh, yes. But God’s Word is true. Nature declares its Maker’s praise when we look at it clearly.

Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. Psalm 145:3,4

For further study:

Answers in Genesis: Victory Begins at Home

Parents—Don’t Leave Teaching to the Church

Creation Ministries International has a whole Parent’s Corner

Dr. Jay Wile understands this concept. Here’s what he’s found: A College Education Makes You MORE LIKELY To Retain Your Faith:

The vast majority of intellectual and scientific data support a belief in a personal God. Thus, it is not surprising to me that the more people learn, the more likely they are to remain engaged in their faith!

FREE Apologetics and Worldview Training for Kids!

(The instructions to sign up are under the extra big words)

I’ve been looking forward to posting this for quite a while now.

Typewriter adler3

As soon as I’d polished my book manuscript enough to send out a submission, I needed something to keep me busy so I wouldn’t worry. Learning to get the word out to as many people as possible was the next obvious thing to do.

Right away I learned the most valuable thing an author can collect is the emails and/or snail mail addresses of interested people. Much as I like facebook and Twitter, apparently they are too fickle to be trusted. Plus, if you’re offline even one day, you miss a lot. Emails wait for you.

OK, how to get more than a few email followers when social media is so much easier? Giveaways.

I like giveaways. They are fun to get and even more fun to give out. What’s great about setting up a “give me your email and I’ll give you this freebie” is everyone wins. 🙂

Question Mark Graffiti

But, what to give away? It took ages for me to realize (partly thanks to the great lady at Future Flying Saucers) we parents/youth workers need way more info to help teach our kids worldview and prepare them for apologetics. I was shocked at how little was available online. There are reams of info for adults, but much of it is harder to understand than a scientific journal!

Slogging through the adult stuff helped me realize some of the basic info they covered I’d already written up. It was just hanging around in my book manuscript waiting to get published. What could be better? I’d already done most of the work and could give you a book excerpt (another common freebie idea), too.

Now, how to automate my blog to make things easy for everybody? At first it looked like moving my whole blog was the only solution. That was, until a couple days later Jacob Howard of Already Answered contacted me. He just wanted to know how the baby and I were doing and could he help with anything online?

Thank you, God!

He loved the idea of a sign-up giveaway and within a couple days had set up his own (be sure to check it out) and offered to help me with mine. All I had to do was make time to prepare a PDF, collecting what resources I could find to give you the highest quality product possible.

Today it’s finally ready to check out and I pray God would use it to arm many families with the realities we face behind the world’s slick marketing.

If you already follow my blog directly, send me an email asking for a copy of the PDF and I’ll send it to you next time I check in.

Directions to sign up:

If you’re new, just click the “Follow this Blog by Email” button. You’ll get an email with the link to my Apologetics/Worldview 101 PDF in your inbox automatically. Except…

For WordPress users:

Click the “Follow this Blog by Email” button. Then, fill out the below form:

Once I receive confirmation of you following CS4K and see you have submitted your email, I’ll send you the PDF link.

My son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding:
That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge. Proverbs 5:1,2

Thank you!

What Would Neutral Science Ed Look Like?

Education Event

Education Event (Photo credit: ARM Climate Research Facility)

The American education system claims to teach as fact only things which aren’t part of any religion. But they refuse to admit Evolution is a form of religion without a central “god” but with all the other parts any religion has. Every area of evolution is based on reasoned guesses and belief about things no one observed or experimented on as it happened.

Creationism has more observational science on its side (chickens have chicks, beans grow beans, rapid deposits of sediment can be observed in real time, etc.), but is still rooted in faith.

In this case, what would science class look like if the teaching was truly neutral?

  • Astronomy would discuss what we see and detect with our telescopes. No mention wouldEnglish: A collage of organisms.

    be made of how anything got there or of “star formationsince no human being has ever seen these things happen.

  • Biology would discuss systems, cellular processes, and interactions without guessing how any organism came to be the way it is.
  • Animal and plant studies would sort things by form, function, and location, never stating that one type developed into another beyond what can be observed (like breeding, interbreeding and rapid adaptation).
  • Geology would look at rocks and layers based on depth, layering, and composition without guessing how they formed or how old they could be.
  • Anthropology would begin with the first artifacts without assuming the makers of those objects lacked intelligence and would acknowledge the sudden jump from survival-living to high civilization.

In other words, you can’t touch on any origins without touching on faith in something.

Does this seem like an impossible dream? Well, it probably is for governmental schools. But, it is a present reality in homeschooling circles. Many curriculums have decided it would turn too many people away to go beyond observable facts to worldview based conclusions.

Family Reading Hour

Now, many of these curriculums are authored and published by Christians (I would list them by name, but want one of them to publish my book). You don’t have to look to far to find books happy to say “God did it”. But it is far more rare to find ones willing to say, “and this is how God told us He did it” with the natural conclusions that must follow (there are plenty of differing theories in Creationism. You could mention all of them, or just leave the details vague).

So, what’s a parent or caring adult to do? Just recognizing this reality is a good step. My parents were/are firm young earth creationists but didn’t realize the low level of instruction we were being given by our homeschooling curriculae. Turns out, my brother fell for Evolution the first time he read a cool popular level magazine article for himself. There are no guarantees as parents, but preparing our kids gives them a fighting chance.

WLA cma Suit of armor c 1530 steel

If you’re homeschooling, take the extra time to search around my site (especially Evolution 101),,, and Dr. Wile’s blog for direct responses to common Evolutionary claims. The facts ARE on the Creator’s side, but the media surely aren’t.

For public school kids, the same hold true. They will also benefit from training in how to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves in their classrooms. Creation Ministries International has a good article on what this would look like.

Basically, no caring God-fearing adult can afford to let their kids just slide through life. Not that this has been ever true, but we know how serious the consequences are for the upcoming generation!

Which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us.
We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done. Psalm 78:3,4

Parents, Churches, have a Listen to Young Atheists’ Journeys

Another creation page on facebook, Returning to Genesis, shared an article today that I found so powerful I decided to pass it on to all of you.

It’s great to know this message isn’t just coming from Answers in Genesis and other creationist groups, this is a wide spread reality. When we understand the stakes, it helps us stand strong for God and motivates us to prepare ourselves and our young people!

The Atlantic: Listening to Young Atheists: Lessons for a Stronger Christianity

To encourage you to check it out, here are the headers:

  • They had attended church
  • The mission and message of their churches was vague
  • They felt their churches offered superficial answers to life’s difficult questions
  • They expressed their respect for those ministers who took the Bible seriously
  • Ages 14-17 were decisive
  • The decision to embrace unbelief was often an emotional one
  • The internet factored heavily into their conversion to atheism

And a quote so Pinterest can pick it up:


Should You Teach Lies to Protect Your Beliefs?

I have not written unto you because you don’t know the truth, but because you know it, and that no lie is of the truth. I John 2:21 

English: Montevideo, Uruguay

Some time ago I wrote about a kindergarten teacher’s guide to introducing Evolution to little kids. She had no problem using resources she knew didn’t match the truth because it still gave the general idea she wanted the kids to know. In the past few days I’ve run into some more articles which show just how big a problem fudging the truth is.

First, a shout out to my facebook champion, Cowboy Bob, the founder of The Question Evolution Project. I didn’t find out about his work until last Spring, but someone else shared one of his posts from earlier which was a share from a Creation Ministries International article from 2008! Here’s the direct link to their article:

Evolutionist: it’s OK to deceive students to believe evolution

Here are some highlights:

English: A group shot of Excel kids in a class...

Bora Zivkovic, Online Community Manager at PLoS-ONE [one of the top evolutionary journals] said, ‘You cannot bludgeon kids with truth (or insult their religion, i.e., their parents and friends) and hope they will smile and believe you. Yes, NOMA is wrong, but is a good first tool for gaining trust. You have to bring them over to your side, gain their trust, and then hold their hands and help them step by step. And on that slow journey, which will be painful for many of them, it is OK to use some inaccuracies temporarily if they help you reach the students.’

That first bit in English means, if you insult Jesus outright, kids are smart enough to figure out what’s going on. “NOMA” stands for the idea that science talks about completely different things than “religion” does. The whole point of early introductions to evolution is to get kids to believe you even when you tell them they are the sons of stupid animals.

Here’s the conclusion:

English: gavel no background

Many Christians expect evolutionists to be honest and fair. Indeed many are. But we should not be too surprised whenever someone who denies an absolute moral Lawgiver chooses to transgress moral/ethical bounds deliberately, and what’s more, proclaims it as a worthy act.

We do rely on evolutionists to be honest in their journals. Creation scientists don’t have nearly enough research money to find out all the things we need to know. Thank God, a number of areas we’re interested in are considered worthwhile by the Evolutionary community as well. At least in jargon filled papers adults have a hard time following they will put enough facts in for us to work with.

But such information isn’t allowed to get out to kids. Check it out for yourself by asking them if they’ve heard of all the soft tissue we’ve found in dinosaur fossils. Be sure you have plenty of facts for them to learn about!

The other example of this kind of deceitful thinking was on an article about how to fit organisms into Darwin’s Evolutionary tree of life.

Creation Evolution Headlines: Darwin’s Tree of Life is a Tangled Bramble Bush

All they do is quote a press release from Vanderbilt University summarizing a paper in Nature from May, 2013. It’s chock full of of science speak, but here are some of the best bits:

In broad terms, Rokas and Salichos found that genetic data is less reliable during periods of rapid radiation, when new species were formed rapidly.

The researchers found the genetic information we are collecting isn’t trustworthy when trying to describe a time when bunches of creatures changed from one to another quickly.

Do they tell kids this?

A case in point is the Cambrian explosion, the sudden appearance about 540 million years ago of a remarkable diversity of animal species, without apparent predecessors.

Complex fossils make a “sudden appearance” at a certain point in the sedimentary layers with no sign of a simpler organism to have evolved from.

Do they tell kids this?

Here’s the part kids and parents need to really get:

CEH editors say, “The authors not only advised throwing out some standard practices of tree-building, but (amazingly) proposed evolutionists throw out the “uninformative” conflicting data and only use data that seems to support the Darwinian tree: “the subset of genes with strong phylogenetic signal is more informative than the full set of genes, suggesting that phylogenomic analyses using conditional combination approaches, rather than approaches based on total evidence, may be more powerful.”” (emphasis added)

They’ve already had to throw out “conflicting data” to get people to look genetically close to chimps. Why stop there? To keep Evolution from looking as impossible as it is, they will have to do this more and more.

We expect no less from people whose worldview requires them to be blind to any evidence of the Creator God. But, all of us, and especially young people, need to know what is really going on before intrusting our eternal souls into people’s hands.

But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness.They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. Romans 1:18-20 NLT