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Science in the Bible: Lifting Waves

For he commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves thereof. Psalm 107:25

Ever been to a beach on a NOAA Photo Library: ocean wavesstormy day? The waves crashing into the shore can be awesome if you keep your distance, or terrifying if you get too close!

It doesn’t take much scientific observation to realize the wind and the waves are connected. A few waves, like tsunamis, are caused by earthquakes, the moon’s gravity, or things pushing the water, but most waves are caused by wind. How?

What causes ocean waves? Ocean waves are caused by wind moving across the surface of the water. The friction between the air molecules and the water molecules causes energy to be transferred from the wind to the water. This causes waves to form.” Earth Science, Ocean Waves and Currents

NOAA Ocean Explorer: DART bouy Seems obvious enough. We aren’t surprised the writer of Psalm 107 recognized wind caused waves 1,000s of years ago. But there’s more.

If you blow on your soup to cool it, you make little waves by pushing the water down. But the verse says, “which lifteth up the waves thereof”. Now that’s interesting!

The turbulence in the wind produces random pressure fluctuations at the sea surface, which produces small waves with wavelengths of a few centimeters (Phillips, 1957). Introduction to Physical Oceanography Globe shaped Barometer


In English this means the wind keeps changing air pressure: sometimes high and sometimes low. This is what gets a new wave started. So, sometimes the wind is pushing the water like you see with your soup, but it also sucks it up higher.

Notice when we discovered how this all works?*


I bet you know someone who remembers that year. Before then, people knew the wind was connected to the waves, but we didn’t know how. Yet, the Bible knew about it 3,000 years ago!

People will tell you the Bible was invented by Bronze Age goat herders and it doesn’t connect to modern life, science, or reality. Have those people been reading their Bibles carefully?

God wants us to trust Him. He doesn’t have a sign saying “I am God and you must worship me” in the sky. Jesus didn’t show Himself to the whole world when He rose from the dead. Someday He will, but when that happens, it will be too late for anyone to choose Him as their Savior.

At the same time, if we want to believe God, He gives us lots of answers. This little verse about the wind and waves in the middle of Psalms is one example.

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13 

Thank you, Father, for not asking us to have “blind faith”. Thank you for giving us so many ways to recognize you are real…. and smart!

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*It was hard to find any history of wave science. The O.M. Phillips paper seems to be the main study on the subject.

Science in the Bible: Earthquakes

If you pay attention to what’s going on as you read the Bible you will catch on pretty quickly that the Holy Land is located in an earthquake zone. Sometimes earthquakes are even major players in the action of Bible events.

I’m going to send you to a video with Dr. Steve Austin in a minute, but let’s see some of the times where earthquakes had a part in events recorded in the Bible:

“And the Lord began to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. He caused fire and burning sulfur to fall from the sky. He destroyed the whole valley—all the cities, the people living in the cities, and all the plants in the valley.” Genesis 19:24,25

Although an earthquake isn’t mentioned, how did God get the volcanic stuff to come out? Volcanoes and earthquakes are bosom buddies.

JSC the battle of Jericho

So then the priests blew the trumpets. When the people heard the trumpets, they began shouting. The walls fell down, and the people ran up into the city. So the Israelites defeated that city. Joshua 6:20

Again, the earthquake isn’t mentioned, but God doesn’t do magic; there was some physical cause for the walls to drop.

And Jonathan climbed up upon his hands and upon his feet, and his armor bearer after him: and they fell before Jonathan; and his armor bearer slew after him. And that first slaughter, which Jonathan and his armor bearer made, was about twenty men, within as it were an half acre of land, which a yoke of oxen might plow. And there was trembling in the host, in the field, and among all the people: the garrison, and the spoilers, they also trembled, and the earth quaked: so it was a very great trembling.  I Samuel 14:14,15

No explanation needed here!

Suddenly there was an earthquake so strong that it shook the foundation of the jail. All the doors of the jail opened, and the chains on all the prisoners fell off. Acts 16:26

This wasn’t in Israel, but shows God controls events anywhere.

Every once in a while God uses His natural world to accomplish His plan for history. He has more subtle ways of doing this, but when he uses big things like meteorites (Joshua 10:11) and earthquakes, people pay attention! They also have a much harder time hiding the evidence. 😀

One other thought that came to me while watching Dr. Austin: just as God has positioned the world so we can study space, so He prepared the way for us to study these earthquakes. How many lakes in the world are lifeless, so the sediments settle undisturbed for millennia? There are a few, but it is cool to know one of them is perfectly located to preserve a record of God’s truthfulness.

Our God is great, with the most mind-boggling foresight imaginable!

The video starts just a tad dry through the first part of the talk, but after the break it is WAY COOL.

The captain of the guard and those with him, when they saw the earthquake and everything else that was happening, were scared to death. They said, “This has to be the Son of God!” Matthew 27:54 The Message

I was alerted to this video by Creation Sensation, you can follow them for yourself to keep up with lots more.

Dr. Austin’s findings have been available at the Institute for Creation Research for some time, which is where I first read about them.

PS I’d really like to ask him just how certain that AD 33 crucifixion date is. It could settle a debate that goes back to the AD 300s!

God Likes to Create Beauty From Tragedy

Every time I look at a majestic landscape, the kind that leaves you speechless, I can’t help seeing the Flood in it.

The whole world is filled with signs of erosion, sedimentary deposits, and major movements. There’s so much, it makes it hard to even guess what the “very good” landscape God first created looked like.

I’m sure it was beautiful because God was pleased with it.

Today, though, many of us find the most delightful and inspiring places are the way they are because of the worldwide judgment God used to destroy that first land.

This got me thinking about us as people.

We don’t look anything like what we would have if Adam and Eve had turned their wills and hearts over to God. We have all been hurt by mutations, tough environments, and the sins of our family, others, and ourselves.

But God has made some amazing promises to us:

Isa 61:3  To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

This verse isn’t just talking to people who live in Israel because the first verses in Isaiah 61 were quoted by Jesus to explain why He came. Jesus came for every person who would believe in Him!

Here’s what Paul thought about all the bad things that happened to him. Some were physical, some were even memories of the rotten things he’d done:

Yes, I am glad to have weaknesses if they are for Christ. I am glad to be insulted and have hard times. I am glad when I am persecuted and have problems, because it is when I am weak that I am really strong. II Corinthians 12:10

Some things we go through aren’t going to show their true beauty until Jesus comes back.

These troubles test your faith and prove that it is pure. And such faith is worth more than gold. Gold can be proved to be pure by fire, but gold will ruin. When your faith is proven to be pure, the result will be praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ comes. I Peter 1:7

What do we learn about who God is from both the world around us and His promises in our lives?

God isn’t a waster. If He allows something to happen, He’s going to use it for good. Not everything will be lush, green, and fruitful like it would have been. But it can all be beautiful!

Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain. Psalm 76:10

Reading Through the Bible, Genesis 1 & What is God Like?

An Antebellum era (pre-civil war) family Bible...

OK, so we’ve got colds, I’m potty training my youngest (yes, guys, this writer really is a mom), and we’re busy on top of it.

I just don’t have time to do justice to rock layers like I want to. 😦

But, for years now, I’ve put reading through the Bible top place on my priority list. I don’t do anything else but physical necessities until God has spoken to me through His Word.

This year I was determined to find a plan where you aren’t reading 178 verses one day (Psalm 119) and 14 the next (3rd John). What’s more,it needed to be a mix of passages. If you don’t get bored reading the beginning of I Chronicles, kudos. I don’t want to endure that if there’s another way.

There are a bunch of other ways! Two years ago, I used M’Cheyne’s plan and liked it a lot except for reading the New Testament twice a year. I always read more than what’s required one way or another, I don’t like having even more “required” than necessary.

This year, I decided to look for an even better plan and ran into something called a Thematic Bible Reading Plan that’s brand new! You don’t have to start on January 1 or on the first Sunday of the year. Just jump in whenever you’re ready.

Here’s why I’m mentioning it: I love the passages he’s tied in to Genesis chapters 1-4. Psalm 148 is glorious and is making me rethink whether the idea of vast amounts of water beyond space is so crazy after all. Ephesians 1 is super exciting with the reminder that God chose believers before the world began.

Then there’s how well Ephesians chapter 2 ties in with our Fall. We are all born “children of disobedience” because of what our first parents chose. But, it’s not the end of the story!

And here’s the idea that inspired me to work up this post before I have to run:

Look at Genesis 1:3. What did God do? He “said”. He used words to create. If you keep reading you’ll find there was just one thing He created without simply speaking it into being (although God did talk about His plans): People.

That’s something we like to think about. It’s cool. But look at what God does in the next verse:

And God saw

English: Sun beams lighting up the glens Stron...

I don’t really know how it works out, but there is something about actually experiencing an event that applies to God just like it does to us.

We can plan things out and think things through, but there’s nothing like actually being somewhere and doing something. Have you ever dreamed you ate food? It has no flavor. You have to put real food in your mouth to taste it.

Genesis 1 isn’t the only place this idea comes out. Look at what happened to Jesus when He became a human being:

Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; Hebrews 5:8 

Jesus experienced how hard it is to obey when your body is hurting and did it anyway.

I don’t know how it all works out, but God experiences reality something like we do. What a mind blowing thought!

For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Hebrews 4:15


Gratitude: the Key to our Choices

One of the most important Bible passages for Creationists to learn about, remember, and maybe even memorize (your young brain can handle it!), is in the middle of Romans chapter 1.

The whole book focuses on what God did in Jesus to bring people back to Himself. And right at the beginning we have a section talking about creation, gratitude, and the consequences if we refuse to cooperate.

The world gives us all kinds of reasons why some people go really bad:

  • The person had no family, or a rotten one
  • They didn’t have enough education
  • Poor nutrition/health care made them that way
  • They didn’t have enough money
  • People were mean and wouldn’t share with them

All these things are real problems. We are wise and right to help others overcome them and have the freedom to choose a better life.

But they don’t come close to the real cause. As usual, God reaches right into our soul and tells us what the deep reason actually is:

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Romans 1:21

God has shown every person enough of who He is for them to have “no excuse” for ignoring Him. But people didn’t want to admit He is there because they refused to do two things:

  • Glorify Him as God
  • Be thankful

That’s it. All the awful choices they make with the rest of their lives go back to these two. We don’t want to worship anyone but ourselves, or a god we invent to do things our way. And we sure don’t want to have to say “thanks” and owe God for taking care of us.

“The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe

Americans, I’m sure you’ve noticed how the media and businesses don’t really focus on what Thanksgiving is all about. They’re fine with warm and fuzzy family time. They love good food and football. They’re really happy about people skipping sleep to go spend money the next morning. They’re even OK with saying “thanks” to you, to the turkey, to the world.

But it’s only those of us who have already chosen to follow God who like to remember the whole point of the celebration.

Let’s not be surprised or annoyed. God told us it would always be like this 2,000 years ago.

Praise Team Gospel Singers

(Photo credit: OldOnliner)

Our job is to take part in the heavenly celebration and shout His praises from the housetops. Social media and our emails are great ways to share beautiful reminders of what this Thursday is actually all about. Church praise times and passing on our blessings to needy people are Biblical, too.

Then there’s our families. When I am reminded of the pain, darkness, and misery God sees every moment, after I’ve asked Him to work, I like to focus on the one place I can change.

My goal as a homemaker is to give Jesus a place to settle down and relax. A place where He is honored as Lord, Savior, and Creator. A place where we’re never happy with our sin natures, but rejoice as we become more like Him every day.

And, assuming Romans 1:21 is true (which it is), praise and thanksgiving are the key to this goal!

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. Psalm 100:4 

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A beautiful hymn you may have heard to chorus of: Thank You, Lord by Seth and Bessie Sykes