Blog Roll

The Home School Scientist This mom is much more practical than I am. Check her out for projects, resources, and more

Creation Science Hall of Fame is growing all the time and puts out lots of articles besides biographies (sign up for emails to keep up to date)

Proslogion by Dr. Jay L. Wile. His work is smart, well researched, and careful, so you could recommend it to skeptical friends.  Parents, you might want to have a look at his Christian Myths category to check if you’ve fallen for any yourself.

Biblical Geology (one of my favorites for the depth of information) based in Australia, Tas Walker talks about a lot more than the Grand Canyon

Evidence Press not only publishes a couple great creation resources, they have a blog as well

Biblical Creation Apologetics is a new (January 2014) blog by a guy who deals with unbelievers every day.

The Vine Vigil (WP) has a category just on Creation talking about things I hadn’t run into!

Creation Clues also on WordPress

tannîyn (which means dragon in Hebrew) by a university student here on WordPress

Biblical Creation and Evangelism Articles and links on biblical creation, evangelism, the Bible and apologetics

Our God and His Amazing Creation  “A Virtual Vacation Every Day”

Dark Canopy as in God is covered by one! Thoughtful, well researched posts

Creation In The Crossfire has gone live again (as of Dec. 2012). They publish hand outs and articles presented to The South Bay Creation Science Association in Lomita, CA

Len de Beer lives in southern Africa, is a teacher, artist, and writer for Creation Ministries International. He keeps 4 blogs going! The first two are the most active and are full of great photos.

Dancing from Genesis James Neinhuis’s ancient civilizations and more (gone dormant recently, but has huge archives!)

They and Already Answered by Jacob Howard, about half Creation Science (here on WordPress, plus he’s a young guy!)

Defending Genesis reblogging/news site for the ministry with the same name

Dr. Jackson’s Blog at Creation Truth. There are more blogs at that site, but he actually posts!

Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman you’d think he would be rabid for the other side, but quite the opposite!

Ian’s Blog and Newsletters by the Canadian Ian Juby

Creation Science Talk

Parables of the Sky Blog running steady for over 2 years. By Roland and Linda who observe the heavens and draw pictures and words to praise our Creator God.

Creation Today’s Blog

The Bible-Science Guy WP

Dan Lietha’s Blog you ever seen one of Answers in Genesis’ cartoons? This is him!

Yec Headquarters 6 Day Creation has been around for a while and updates occasionally

A Great God and Good Coffee by Erick Reinstedt a pastor and Creationist Blogger

Grace with Salt lots of creation thoughts especially on Job

Creation – The Written Truth be sure to scroll all the way down so you don’t miss the pictures

Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus and her Kids blog Birds of the Bible For Kids WP

Things I Want my Grandchildren to Know by Weize Ann Rice WP

Wondrous Works Blog WP

Welcome to Scripturosity WP

Akron Fossils & Science Center Blog

Defending Rev. Tony Breeden’s ministry blog (with links to other specialty blogs)

Gen1Rev22 seems to spend most of his time in the Gen1 area!

God’s creation through my eyes photos and a few thoughts WP

Creation Evidence Expo‘s site is set up as a blog and publishes articles occasionally

s8intcom Blogger if you like to hear about ancient man, their art, architecture and dinosaurs, this is the place to find some wild stuff in a Christian setting.

The Genius of Ancient Man blog discusses the on going research of the Jackson Hole Bible College work (very well documented)

333 Words of Grace is a Bible study blog run by a creation geologist WP


One thought on “Blog Roll

  1. Jacob Howard

    Hi Mrs. Fields,
    Actually, I have two websites, one is They Speak and the other is Already Answered. They Speak is my Christian Research Journal and Already Answered is just my site where I publish misc information and facts that speak of God’s creation. Thanks for putting me up here!
    In Christ Jesus alone,
    Jacob Howard


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