Outside the USA:

Creation Science Movement Expo Portsmouth, UK

Jurassic Ark Outdoor Museum Gympie, Australia with field trips run by Creation Research

Creation Truth Ministries a Traveling Museum operating in North America

Southern Ontario Creation Flood Evidence Museum Goodwood, Ontario.  Connected with John MacKay’s Creation Research Group

Big Valley Creation Science Museum Big Valley, AB, Canada

Creation Discovery Centre, Bow Island, AB, Canada


Huge list of museums and more by Let Creation Sing (most of the ones I list are on there, plus many more)

Creation Museum by Answers in Genesis in Petersburg, KY with the Ark Encounter under construction

Exploration Science Center, Port Jervis, NY the website is worth a visit even if you can’t get there in person

Safari Zoological Park  Caney, KS Privately owned Zoo

Creation & Earth History Museum outside of San Diego, CA. Originally set up by the Institute for Creation Research. FREE Admission, lots of unusual exhibits

Creation Safaris does hikes, camping trips, mountain top star gazing, and more in the US west

Grand River Museum Lemmon, SD

Boneyard Creation Museum Broken Bow, NE

Visit has a list of North American sites

Seven Wonders Museum of Mount St. Helens Silverlake, WA

Akron Fossils Science Center Akron, OH

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum   Crosbyton, TX

Creation Evidence Museum of Texas Glen Rose, TX. Yes, they’re the ones with the foot (and hand) print fossils plus a whole bunch more!

Museum of Earth History Dallas, TX

Creation Ministries of the Ozarks Strafford, MO

A Key Encounter Key West, FL (now, there’s a good excuse for a vacation!)

Greater Ancestors World Museum has a private gallery open by appointment in Jacksonville FL

Discovery Museum by Creation Studies Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL open Saturday midday and weekdays by appointment

The Creation Adventures Museum Arcadia, FL

The Creation Store Pensacola, FL flagship location of Creation Today

Safari Zoological Park  Caney, KS Privately owned Zoo

Tamarack Valley Learning Center between Battle Creek and Grand Rapids, MI.  Camp, field trips, retreats and more (e-mail me if you plan to go!)

Canyon Ministries schedules trips to the Grand Canyon. You can take a river trip or stay dry on land: whichever suits your style! Tom and Paula Vail, the founders, also told us about another guy who does rock viewing trips in the same general area; Crying Rocks Ministries.

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