Websites with Traveling Speakers

These can be some of the best websites (like CMI) because they get out among people and know what puzzles us. Others are basic, but you can use them to contact them to come out to your church or group.

Creation Ministries International producers of Creation Magazine they have bases around the world

Creation Research John MacKay’s Australian group, speaks around the world. (Lots of articles and topics covered)

Creation Worldview Ministries Dr. Grady S. McMurtry speaks around the USA and Russia

Creation Resources Trust, UK based, info seems current, check out their publications

Biblical Foundations UK based, with Dr. A J Monty White

The Creation Ministries of Ian Juby Canada based, speaks throughout North America

Creation Connection Tommy Lohman’s Creation Apologetics Site USA based

Discover Creation Alpha Omega Institute Colorado based, events worldwide

Search For The Truth Bruce Malone based in the USA, speaks around the world

Creation Training Initiative Mike Riddle’s young people’s seminars, etc, based in USA

Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries Grand Canyon trips, Creationist Speaker

JandY Ministry with John and Ynita Swomley. WV based, with a Traveling Museum and special programs for young people

Truth and Science Ministries with Dr. Arv Edgeworth based in MI

Reasons for Hope, KY based, travels widely. Carl Kerby has a wide Christian apologetics focus, but does a lot of sharing about God is the Creator. For example, check out his blog series on “Lucy.”

Echoes of Eden a ministry of Victory Baptist Church in Shelbyville, TN with Stephen Lawwell

Canopy Ministries based out of TN with several active speakers

David Rives Ministries based in TN. Strong astronomy focus, he sings, too.

Creation Family Ministries- VBS & More! Jeff Setzer, traveling evangelist and his wife Heather, based in Southeastern USA

Creation Today will send out either Paul Taylor or Eric Hovind, based in FL. Eric Hovind is particularly good at connecting with kids, while Paul Taylor is a real gentleman. Works on a love offering and travel expenses basis

Stone’s True Story is the website put up by the Estrell’s who are based out of FL. They do VBS and creation seminars (including home school ones) as far north as New York State.

Creation Education Center with Jay Seegert, based in WI, travels through the Midwest

Christian Creation Association with Chris Jason and Dave Curtis, WI based.  They haven’t updated their site in 2 years, but their facebook page says they were at the local county fair this past Summer

Creation Truth with Dr. G. Thomas Sharp OK based. He seems to be a fairly busy guy!

Creation Speaks has a different focus (literally) than most. You can learn about photography or a number of mindset differences between creation based Christianity and other worldviews. Based in Nebraska, speaks across the central USA

Creatures of Creation Dan Breeding’s hands-on animal encounters, base in USA

Genesis Creation Science Institute LA based, travel through the USA

Creation Engineering Concepts OR based with J.D. Mitchell engineer

Northwest Creation Network has several traveling speakers, USA based.  Click on the NWCN Websites tab to find them

Fish Don’t Walk with Bill Morgan based in CA

Confound the Wise with Rick Oliver based in CA?  To find out more about him read here FFF Evolution vs. Creation series


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