Fuzzy Words

Old postcards and a magnifying glass.

[I got the idea for this article from This Episode of the Creation Today Show from back in February.]

Newspapers, magazines and scientific articles are constantly writing about the latest ‘proof’ that Evolution is true.  The headlines talk as if the newest discovery discussed in the article has finally put the truth of Evolution beyond all doubt.  But when you read the article, will the facts support such strong claims?

First of all, no one (besides God) will ever be able to prove what happened before people came on the scene and began writing things down.  (Only those of us who believe the Bible will admit that the first people DID write down what they saw and lived through!)  So it isn’t even possible to claim as absolute truth what those who say the world goes back for millions of years want to say.   

Then have a look at the words the article itself actually uses.  The article I’ve chosen is actually quite honest about how much guess-work is going on in figuring out what we can actually know from the fossils (except the Worldview assumption that they were formed millions of years ago).  Enjoy reading about some way cool flying reptiles (apparently it’s not proper to call them dinosaurs).  Watch for the words:

  •  probably
  • might have been
  • If his calculations are correct
  • estimations (which means “1 judgment or opinion 3 approximate calculation.”)
  • calculated…could
  • suggests
  • may have been
  • if you take
  • you probably won’t
  • assumed
  • probably
  • might also have been
  • If H. is right,
  • could have
  • may not come
  • may have been able
  • could be

Unfortunately, books and articles written for kids don’t usually write so honestly.  I’ve just borrowed a book from the library about “feathered dinosaurs” to write about next week.  As a fact-seeking children’s author, the statements they make are appalling.  They state as fact that these animals “lived between 230 million and 65 million years ago; started growing feathers;” that one “was a fierce hunter; able to fight,” and so on as if the author had been there and seen these things happen.

If someone wrote that way with so little evidence about a historical person , they would never get published.  But they don’t want kids to get the impression that we don’t really know if dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. They don’t want to admit that we can’t possibly know for sure what an extinct animal ate and how they lived just from their petrified bones.  So they write as if what they are saying is a fact that no one could possibly argue with so you won’t either.

Planets and dwarf planets of the solar system,...

HERE’Sa good article from the same site talking about the planets that no one knew existed just a few years ago.  This article doesn’t need to use Fuzzy Words until about halfway through the article when they say that aliens “may even” live on these newly found worlds.  This article is a wonderful tool to see how big and creative God is (why would any artist make exactly the same sculpture twice?).  Good luck to those guys on ever finding life on another planet.  Even if Evolution were true the odds of it happening twice are so ridiculous as to be impossible!

Oh, yes, be sure to read the second to the last paragraph.  It says what I’m trying to say for me!!

But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.  II Corinthians 11:3


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