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When I first got serious about teaching my kids creation I started wonder, are we only going to be able to afford socks and creation books for the kids’ birthdays? Well, it’s not quite that extreme, but there is something to be said for putting your money where your heart is.

If you buy your kids books anyway, why not have them be ones with the potential to shore up your children’s faith in God and His Word not to mention their love for science and nature? If your kids aren’t into reading yet, take the time to read with them. I’ve never met a child who didn’t like to be read to if they were free to turn quiet somersaults or draw pictures. Plus, some of these books have amazing illustrations!

First, check out the store at Answers in Genesis. They have a number of downloads available and also have a large children’s DVD selection with DVD packs and sets (don’t ask me why they’re different!) to save a little money. They carry Buddy Davis’ music DVDs and more and a number of projects to work on.

Creation Today has a great store as well. They have slightly different children’s book offerings including the book Dire Dragons which I happily purchased and reviewed. Their children’s media section is large as well, not to mention their huge Toys and Activities department.

Creation Ministries International carries a number of different children’s books since they are truly international. Their curriculum section also carries some of Tom DeRosa and Dr. Carolyn Reeves’ general science for middle school books The Earth, Forces & Motion, Energy, and Matter.

The Creation Training Initiative has a new store offering Mike Riddle’s DVDs on things like astronomy, worldview, and one just for kids: The Riddle of the Dinosaurs.

Of course, every good penny-pinching American Christian loves Christian Book Distributors. What’s great is how many children’s creation resources they carry. If you can’t afford to support these other ministries with a few extra book dollars, they will still help you get materials into your kids hands (yes, I use them often). For example, those science books CMI carries a few of, CBD carries as a whole set for about a third off.

I’m not aware of CBD carrying any books teaching kids that God used slow painful ages to evolve people, but I recommend checking things out at a trustworthy site before buying. CBD isn’t going to tell you when their offerings are compromised!

PS I occasionally do reviews of kids resources on my blog. You can check them all out on my Review Category

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