6 thoughts on “Jesus in Genesis

  1. Pieter

    We can only be sovereign, we can only be free, if we have freedom of choice. Perhaps, therefore, we were given options. Does evil only exist so that we can choose? What if Adam, Eve and all else always chose right? Would we need Jesus to die the way that He did? If we never chose wrong, we would still have been in Eden?

    My take on creation is here, if you want to have a look.

    1. Cheri-CreationScience4Kids Post author

      It would seem you have a different definition for “sovereign”. I looked up the meaning in Merriam-Websters and this is what it said:
      a : one possessing or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty
      b : one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere
      c : an acknowledged leader
      There is only one sovereign.
      However, He did grant us the ability to make our own decisions, we just can’t choose the consequences. 🙂
      Lots of people get into the “what ifs” of good vs. evil. What if Adam had stepped in and stopped Eve, or at least resisted temptation himself? What if Jesus had listened to Satan and turned the stone to bread?
      At some point you have to ask, “why does it matter? Things are as they actually are and we all have to deal with reality. How can I align myself with God to find His protection today?”

      1. Pieter

        English is not my mother tongue and I was told by an English pastor that, like God’s, our own will is sovereign in that we have the freedom to choose – and even God will gracefully step aside.

        Where this matters, is not in the past. It is our present decisions that define our future and that of others. Christians who “do their own thing” are serving themselves and not God. I have posted a lengthy explanation to this, based upon almost three decades of experience with Him. Few people understand that/how their decisions (may) affect third parties.

        Matthew 7:21-23 has a deeper meaning than the obvious, I think.

      2. Cheri-CreationScience4Kids Post author

        I understand, Pieter, it isn’t easy trying to say things just right in a 2nd language. Would you mind sharing what your mother tongue is?
        The Bible has many places warning people not to think they’ll be fine because of past actions. I like what John says in I John 2:19. If a person stops following Jesus, it’s because they never really believed Him. If they had, they won’t dream of stopping!
        All of the Bible has “deeper meanings”. Jesus said so when telling why He used parables. Only those who really hear will be given understanding. 🙂

  2. Troy

    The first four links don’t appear to be working…looking forward to seeing what you put together on this topic. Thank you!


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